Anatomy Trains offers a unique opportunity to work your own dissection projects with fascial expert and master dissector Todd Garcia in Medical University in Katowice, Poland. This event draws students worldwide from all types of manual, movement and fitness professions in an exploration of the real human form – not the images you get from books.


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Dissectional Anatomy – 4 days
Todd Garcia

Speaker: Todd Garcia

Assistant/ Translator: Michał Szlęzak

Date: 28-31.05.2020 – change of date, new training date will be set soon

Venue: Medical University in Katowice, Poland

Payment: Early Bird before 28 February 2020 6500 PLN or 7000 PLN thereafter (non-refundable deposit 2000 PLN). Full payment should be made not later than two weeks before the workshop. Please make sure to read the confirmation e-mail after registering for important details.

tel. +48 606 813 382

Organizer: Wojciech Cackowski

All our work will be with untreated cadavers – otherwise difficult to find – meaning no chemical smell and a much more ‘true-to-life’ view of fascia and other tissue. Untreated tissue is so much closer to the living body, and offers a very different perception of the behavior of fascial tissues.

These are not prosections or mere demonstrations – you are doing the dissecting yourself from Day 1 Todd will offer tutorials, explanations, or brief lectures on our collective findings. No previous experience with dissection is necessary to attend this course.
In 4 days you will go from skin to bone, including exploration of the superficial fascial layers, the myofascia and Anatomy Trains, the viscera and their attachments, and the brain and nervous system. Pick your own project or we can help you find one – an opportunity to follow your own lights in the body, as well as learn from what everyone else is doing.

Emotional and spiritual aspects of the experience are very much respected – it’s a voyage of discovery. Nothing can replace doing dissection first hand, with your own hands and eyes. What is it you want to know about? What do you want to see for yourself?

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